Publishing in Primary Grades with Pixie & Clicker Paint

Can KDG and Primary students create multimedia projects? You bet they can!! Come and see me at ECOO to find out how easy it is using the newly licensed programs - Clicker Paint and Pixie3.

Combine students' creativity and enthusiasm with your professional knowledge and experience and create projects similar to the ones you see below.

Your adventure starts here. Watch a few of introductory videos about Pixie.

What is Pixie?

Now that you have an idea what the interface looks like, why not see some practical applications? How does Pixie help me meet the curriculum expectations?

Integration Ideas Videos (2-12 minutes long)

Project Samples (credit to Tech4Learning)

Find more videos like this on Tech4Learning

Find more videos like this on Tech4Learning

How to Help the Earth

Find more videos like this on Tech4Learning

Clicker Paint

What is Clicker Paint-short videos?

Sample Activity (covering grade 3 Math curriculum expectation)


Find more activities at: