Playing Together with VoiceThread

on a computer - www.voicethread.comon an iPad, iPod or iPhone
- now available on iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods) as well - so bring whichever device you have access to - laptop, or iOS device.
- to prepare, please download the app ahead of time if possible. This is only required for iPhone, iPad or iPod users. For laptop (PC or Mac) users, there is no download required.
- if you have headphones or a headset (headphones and microphones) please bring them, it will be helpful for recording your voice in a busy room

RESOURCE: Step-by-Step Instructions on how to set up a Voicethread for classroom use (PDF file that can be downloaded, saved, emailed, printed to share)

What is a Voicethread?

- an online tool where you can upload images, videos or documents and then leave voice/audio comments on them
- multiple people can leave comments on the same images
- you can draw on the image, video or document while leaving an audio comment

Why Voicethreads?

- provide an another way for students to demonstrate their understanding
- provide feedback to students
- communicate with e-Learning students
- collect reflections on an activity, topic or idea
- keep private between voicethread members or share with community
- Voicethread 4 Education Wiki (lots of great ideas on how to use Voicethreads in education)


The above Voicethread was created by Marie Swift and her class (@mswift on twitter,

Practice Voicethread

Please feel free to leave comments on the practice voicethread below. Remember that once you leave a comment you can delete it, but this is an online tool and therefore all aspects of digital citizenship need to be remembered. Anyone can go to this voicethread and see/hear your comments. Comments should be appropriate, constructive and positive.

Free vs Pro?

To see the options for a single educators please go here:

For educators there are two options.
- Free option (VT Educator - you must apply/request this using your school board email address). It allows you up to 50 voicethreads. You cannot create student accounts (they will need to create their own free accounts), but can create identities for students. This means you would have to log into Voicethreads and then students can leave comments using your account (please see the elementary example above as an example of how this works). If students had their own accounts they could login on their own and from home.
- Pro Account (cost is $60/year). This allows you to create up to 100 student accounts (each student can have 50 voicethreads) and create groups within your class. Student will have their own login and password and can login from anywhere.

Choosing which one works best for you depends on how you will be using the tool. If you are using it with younger grades who will always be using Voicethread with your supervision and if you will be creating the voicethreads while students are leaving comments, then the free option will likely work well. If you would like students to be creating their own voicethreads and logging in from home, the paid version is likely best.

Whole-School Options
Many schools are going to a whole-school option where they purchase an account for every student and teacher. This costs approximately $1 per account. So if you have 300 students and 25 staff members, your cost will be about $325. This option allows you to create classes, groups and manage all settings in one place. For more information about this option please see here:

How To's

Here is an excellent "how-to" video tutorial created by grade 3 students about how to use Bitstrip created avatars in voicethreads.

Here is Voicethreads "Introduction Video" with an overview and information on how to get started.

Voicethread has some excellent "how to" resources:

All of Voicethreads "how to" support can be found here:

How-to support for the mobile Voicethread app (for iPads, iPods and iPhones) -

Voicethread is now available on iPods, iPads and iPhones!

- this means if you have students with a variety of devices (laptops, tablets, iPods, etc.) they can all work on Voicethreads
- increases accessibility
- how-to documents and support can be accessed here:


Jaclyn Calder

Twitter: @jaccalder