Mobile Technology - Stay Organized, Stay Connected

Douglas G. Sadler
Vice Principal Online Learning
Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

Twitter: SADONE

Every educator needs to stay organized and work efficiently to be prepared to engage their students. In this workshop we will demonstrate

how Tablet computers and cloud applications can be used to stay organized, work more efficiently and engage students. These devices have

changed the way we communicate. Information is now readily available in the cloud and there are no longer barriers to sharing due to a device

or platform choice. New cloud services allow us to organize ourselves and complete day to day activities more effectively.

We can discuss advantages of digital calendars, cloud documents, an online storage solutions and the addition of our portable iPad lab. "Free"

is alive and well on the net but is it really free?

Tools for Notes and Organization:


Learn techniques for organizing your digital life. Can you find a better way than to use Evernote the digital junk drawer. The only difference
is this junk drawer is huge, can be accessed anywhere on the net, and fully searchable including OCR technology to read your images!


Google docs are great but not the easiest to access on a tablet. Explore Office^2 and see how you can easily access your files and edit them
on your iPad.


I like my iPad but I can write much faster than I type. No problem. Write away with WritePad. This app will convert your script to text and sync
with popular online storage such as Dropbox and Evernote.


Make that google calendar work a little harder at looking good, available offline, and ease of use.

Tools for Storage:


Cloud Storage


Tools for Creation!:


Online Storage is great but it is only the beginning. Store your information with some style and fully searchable! Convert you favourite PDF's,
DOCs, and Images into EPUBs.

  • Use ibooks to form your own personal library which can be categorized for easy storage
  • Learn how to annotate and access your notes stored inside the ePubs you create
  • Learn how to create your ePubs with Calibre on both a Mac and PC

Create ePubs with Pages and include images, audio, video and text!